During the past 38 years, SKS Paint Co., Ltd. (SKS) has become the leading supplier in the field of container coatings, both for new containers and for refurbishment of older units. SKSĄ¯s world-wide presence, world-class professionalism and quality products & services are highly appreciated by leasing companies, shipping companies, container factories, and other end users alike.
Protective coatings make up approximately 10% of the total cost of a container. However, the right choice of coating system can increase the lifetime of a container considerably. Therefore, selecting the correct coating supplier is of vital importance to any end user. The coating must protect the container against corrosion and provide decorative features for the container owner.

    With factories and own sales & technical offices, SKS is capable of providing coating advisers for productions almost anywhere. During the production of containers, our technical staff will check that properly prepared steel surface is obtaining, that application of the coatings is carried out correctly, and that the final result is to the satisfaction of all parties. The responsibility for sales to the container industry is divided into geographical areas. SKS's corporate headquarter in Korea has the overall responsibility for the co-ordination of all world-wide activities.

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